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CD-Rods XLS Fly Rod

CD-Rods XLS fly rod series took the award for 'Best New Product' at the EFFTEX Show in 2004.

Its computer modelled taper design optimises energy transfer at any casting length.

In weights from 4 to 10, there's an XLS to suit any waters and conditions.

Manufacturer Composite Developments

CD-Rods XLS, 6 piece series

Length: 9ft

AFTM #6 and #8

CD-Rods XLS 4-piece series

9ft: AFTM #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10

10ft: AFTM #6 and #8

  • The complex multi-tapers increase blank efficiency whilst optimising sensitivity and recovery rates
  • Proprietary 66MSI pre-preg, 100% graphite
  • Graphite helical core for optimal hoop strength
  • Rod colour: Pinot noir
  • Silicon carbide stripper guides
  • Titanium coated single foot snake guides
  • Comes with a cotton bag and cordura rod tube
When to use

A 9ft XLS with an AFTM rating of between 5 and 7 is a good choice for most New Zealand conditions.

The 8 or 9s are suitable for larger rivers where heavily weighted flies are required or when fishing around river mouths for large sea run fish.


"The rod performed extremely well and in our opinion the rod is one of the nicest we have ever used".
Graham Dean Fly Fishing

"If you are thinking of a new fly rod or maybe upgrading, I would definitely recommend the XLS. It has plenty of backbone for rolling heavy tungsten beads or punching a dry into the dreaded norwester. Finally I have found my perfect rod. A top quality Kiwi made rod that I am proud to recommend"
Greg Dougherty, Alpine Fishing Guide

"The XLS #6 is by far the best rod I have used and a real testament to the New Zealand designers and manufacturers"
Blair Watson, Trout NZ

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