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Advocates for the Tongariro River

The Advocates for the Tongariro is a group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Tongariro River and its fisheries.

Its work includes holding public meetings and discussion groups on current issues, such as the proposed subdivison near the Mangamawhitiwhiti Stream, prevention of didymo, and concerns about reduced trout numbers, size and condition.

Membership is open to any supporters for a very modest fee.

Contact details

Advocates for the Tongariro River
PO Box 335


New Zealand

Freephone: 0800 386 783

Phone: +64 7 386 6501

Email: secretary@tongariroriver.org.nz
Web: www.tongariroriver.org.nz

Become a member

To become a member, please send your name, contact details and a cheque for the subscription fee. A membership application form is available at the Advocates for the Tongariro River website.

Subscription fee:

$25 per year for one person
$30 for two or more people at the same address

$60 for associate membership (clubs or societies)

Donations to help with the work of the group are appreciated.

Please make your cheque out to: Advocates for the Tongariro River Inc. and send it to the address above.


The photo section showcases photos of people, environment, the river, catchment and issues

Current issues

Current issues that the Advocates are actively pursuing are:

  • The Waikato Regional Council is working to clear the Hirangi Arm. This is the water that breaks from the main stream in the area of the Swirl Pool and flows under normal conditions as a small stream before re-entering the main stream of the river on the True left at the top of the Reed Pool.

  • Prevention of didymo
  • Concerns about a reduction in trout size, numbers and condition

See the Advocates website issues page for more information.


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