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River Valley

Is there anything as lovely as a remote river valley where few people venture?

While few of us are lucky enough to ever venture into such areas it is good to know they still exist. These pieces of paradise are under threat however and need our help.

A group of friends have been working steadily on a conservation project deep in the Fiordland National Park aimed at ensuring that these pristine wilderness regions can remain for future generations to enjoy. They are now calling on others to help either by donating manpower and/or money to help save endangered species from predators.

It is called Adopt a Valley.

The aim

To engage a group of committed individuals and companies to install and service resetting predator traps along Fiordland valleys whilst developing innovative collaborations in partnership with Department of Conservation for better control and utilisation of the pest population and to provide viable alternatives to poisons.

The founders

A group of conservation minded friends decided to work with DOC and "adopt a valley" and see if through there own efforts they could assist the Department of Conservation (DOC) protect a valley from predators and bring back the birdsong that was becoming sadly absent.

With support from DOC they "adopted" the Cozette Burn valley and set about trapping it to clear it of stoats, weasels and other pests that were predating on the native wildlife.

Work to date

To date the group have travelled into Cozzette Burn several times and laid traps supplied by Good Nature Traps. On retrun visits they have found these traps have done a great job with dead stoats and other mustilifds being killed in a humane manner.

You can see more by visiting the Valleys Conservation Project Facebook page.

Map of Cozzette Burn

The area trapped to date

How you can help

While not everyone has the ability or resources to help in such a direct manner, everyone who has an interest in protecting our wild places and our vulnerable native birds can help. The more the Valleys Project can do the better it will be for our beautiful and irreplacable wilderness.

To see how you can assist visit the Valleys wesite and you can help by adopting a valley. Future generations will thank you for it.



Some of the Whio Ducks at Cozette Burn




The Valleys Project at work






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