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Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club

The Nelson Dawnbreakers Fishing Club is a family-oriented fishing club that emphasises a fun, family atmosphere, with competitions, regular weigh-ins and club weekends. It was formed in 1998 by a local group of keen fishers including Daryl Crimp of The Fishing Paper to promote and foster the sport of fishing.


Nelson Suburban Club
168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson


Club President: Doug McKay
Club Captain: Troy Dando
Phone: +64 3 547 4994
Email: dawnbreakersfc@gmail.com


The club is hosted by the:

Nelson Suburban Club
168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson

The great facilities include a great meeting rooms trophy cabinet, bar and restaurant.

Constitution and funding

The club is a not-for-profit incorporated society funded by member subscriptions and sponsor donations. The aim of the club is to help manage and foster the sport of fishing by encouraging, advising and assisting members with all aspects of fishing.

Club season

- The club season runs for 9 months from October to the end of May. Prizegiving is held in June.
- Members can now fish throughout the whole month, with fish caught, weighed in at any of four weigh stations at any time.
- Club weekends are the second weekend of each month
- Weigh-ins are held 4.30pm on Sunday at the clubrooms
- Club competitions run from Friday noon to Sunday 4pm

Club features

There is a real family atmosphere about the club, with special emphasis on the kids and people really enjoying the camaraderie of socialising and competing with and against each other.

Boat fishers, kayakers, jetskiers, land based anglers, divers and fresh water fisher folk are all welcome with senior men, ladies and junior sections to enter.

Regular features will include, a Saturday evening social that will be organised each month at the Nelson Suburban Club to reflect on the month’s fishing, listen to guest speakers and win prizes on offer. Also awards for that month will include fish of the month, photo of the month, junior fisherpersons of the month, kid’s competition winners, and a bugger award. There will also be a major prize for average weight of a nominated species for that month. Great sponsor relationships.

Club records

Club records include (as of June 2012):

Baitfish 3.35 Jared McKay
Baracuda 2.57 - Kathy Pantling
Blue Cod 2.17 - Troy Dando
Blue Moki 2.16 - Jeff Cross
Butterfish 1.25 - Daniel Cross
Crayfish 3.37 - Tony Raumati
Groper 11.38 Pete Connelly
Gurnard .97 - Gary Pantling
Kahawai 2.65 - Rue Cooper
Kingfish 22.55 Troy Dando
Mackrel .53 - Ian Theobald
Perch .73 - Daniel Crimp
Red Cod 1.54 - Jeff Holden
Salmon 1.17 - Daniel Crimp
Shark 2.15 - Daniel Crimp
Snapper 9.01 - Gary Pantling
Tarakihi 1.28 - Pete Connelly
Trevally 3.2 - Pete Connelly
Tuna 9.79 - Troy Dando





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