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New Zealand Fishing Magazines

Fish & Game New Zealand Fish & Game is New Zealand's is New Zealand leading fly fishing and gamebird hunting magazine. Buy at book and magazine shops or subscribe from anywhere in the world.
The New Zealand Trout Fisher New Zealand's only 100% trout fishing magazine. You can subscribe to the print and/or online version, or buy the magazine in bookshops and sports shops.

The Fishing Paper and Hunting News

A free newspaper distributed free throughout the South Island and much of the North Island. There is also an online version.
NZ Fishing News The site of New Zealand's leading fishing magazine New Zealand Fishing News
Fishing Coast to Coast The website of Fishing Coast to Coast, a comprehensive and informative New Zealand fishing magazine which focuses on tips, techniques and stories that relate to any type of fishing indulged in by New Zealand fishermen.
NZ Fishing World The website of NZ Fishing World magazine which covers both sea and freshwater fishing.
NZ Outside A comprehensive directory of New Zealand outside activities including fishing, which is available online and published in an annual magazine.
 Online magazines
The Fishing Website Information about New Zealand fishing from striped marlin and yellowtail kingfish fisheries to recreational fishing for snapper, kahawai, terakihi, trevally, blue cod, john dory, gurnard, trout and salmon.
Fishing Mag New Zealand's online fishing magazine
Fish with Bish Stories, articles, tips and tricks, on fishing in freshwater and saltwater.
Carters Gone Fishin The website for kiwi fishing television programme Gone Fishin, presented by Graeme Sinclair on TV3 every Saturday at 5.00pm.


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