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New Zealand Charters and Transport

Transport and charters

New Zealand is a relatively easy country to travel around. Most main centres have airports and there is a good system of roads. But one of the great aspects about New Zealand from an angling perspective is the huge amount of undeveloped land that is remote and unpopulated. This is where the best fishing is often to be found.

Car hire

New Zealand has limited public transport and a vehicle is a necessity if you are to access the best fishing. Vehicles can hired from all airports using this form which compares car availability from a number of reputable companies.


4WD hire

While great fishing can found close to highways, usually the best fishing requires getting away from the main roads. This can mean travelling some distance along gravel roads or even over farm tracks. This will usually require the use of a 4 wheel drive vehicle.


For anglers who wish to maximise their fishing time, a motorhome is ideal as it allows you to stay in very remote areas. But it is very important that you chose a motorhome that complies with New Zealand's strict environmental policies.

It is illegal to camp outside a designated camping area unless the vehicle is certified as self-contained and so suitable for wild camping. Wilderness motorhomes is the only motorhome company in New Zealand that guaranteess all its vehicles are fully certified for wild camping.

Helicopter charters

Approximately one third of New Zealand is undeveloped conservation land. The only way in is to walk or take a helicopter. Due to the remoteness of conservation areas, they generally offer fantastic fishing opportunities. The following are some helicoptert companies that will give you quick access into these beautiful areas.

Nelson/Marlborough helicopter charters

West Coast helicopter charters

Otago helicopter charters

Southland helicopter charters

Boat charters

As well as the great river fishing New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of great lakes. Many are important fisheries and allow anglers from novice to highly experienced to catch a fish (or three). A charter boat is the best way to access the best waters.

Lake Taupo boat charters

Eastern/Rotorua region boat charters

Southland boat charters


Car Hire

Car hire

Wilderness motorhomes

Wilderness motorhomes

New Zealand 4WD Hire

Helicopter charters

Helicopter charters

Boat charters

Boat charters

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