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Lake Tomarata Trout Fishing

Lake Tomarata is a small lake with clear water and a low population of stocked rainbow trout. Over the past few years there has been an infestation of Koi Carp which Fis and Game are trying to eradicate. If they are successful in doing so they will restock the water with trout. At present it is not a recommended fisherey.


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Fish type A few rainbow trout averaging around 1kg, with some fish reaching 2.5kg. Several hundred hatchery-raised trout are released into the lake each year as it has no natural spawning ground.
Situation Lake Tomarata is a small lake in a peaceful rural setting close to the east coast and north-east of Wellsford, about an hour's drive north of Auckland.

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F&G pamphlet Auckland/Waikato Lakes Trout Fishing access pamphlet

Lake Tomarata is in a beautiful scenic rural area and provides excellent fishing during the cooler months. The water is clear although often it has a light brownish tinge from the vegetation that is blown into it. There is no aquatic weed and the trout have an excellent food source in the lake and so grow quickly and are generally in good condition.

The western shoreline can only be reached by boat as it is surrounded by dense flax and scrub. The eastern shoreline however provides ample opportunity for the shore-based angler within an easy walkway and with plenty of casting room. Access is good with there being a car park and boat ramp for public use. Boat fishing is also good, with good opportunities for both harling or casting from the boat. It must be noted however that Lake Tomarata is the only lake in the Auckland area that allows motorboats and so often during the summer the angler has to compete with the number of water skiers who also use the lake.

Recommended tackle Rods around 9 foot in length and able to cast a weight 6 or 7 medium sinking line are favoured. Spin rods able to cast a 7 to 10g weight. When harling, either use one of two colours of leadline or a sinking fly line.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Large weighted dark Pheasant Tail, Halfbacks and Hare and Copper nymphs fished with a floating line over the drop-off and slowly retrieved to shore.

Dry flies: Lake Tomarata is not noted as a dry fly fishery but fish will feed on any terrestrial insect that is blown onto the lake. Therefore, during the summer cicadas, cricket patterns and green beetle can all be effective, particularly later in the day when the sun is lower.

Wet flies / Streamers: Bully patterns such as Mrs Simpson and Hamill's Killer and smelt patterns such as Grey Ghost and Parsons' Glory are worth trying at any time of the day. Also try any Koura (freshwater crayfish) pattern such as a Red Francis or Red Setter fished along the lake bottom.

Spinners: Any Toby pattern (but particularly black and gold or silver), Zed Spinners and any other pattern that represents a small fish. Red veltic spinners fished deep can also be effective.


Lake Tomarata has no tributaries.

Applicable to Lake Tomarata
Region Auckland/Waikato regulations >>>
Season All year
Methods Artificial fly, spinner, bait
Bag limit 5
Size limit (cm) 30cm minimum







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