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Lake Namunamu Fishing

Lake Namunamu is a beautiful sheltered lake with bush-clad shores set high in the hills. Four row boats (dinghys) are provided at the lake for anglers to use.


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Fish type Fish & Game stock Lake Namunamu with 1000 yearling rainbow trout each. They grow well and beautifully conditioned fish of 2kg are common.
Situation Lake Namumanu is 14kms west of Hunterville and is sited at the head of a valley, only slightly below the tops of the adjacent hills.

Access map
Access map with topography

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F&G pamphlet Whanganui (Wanganui) Sports access pamphlet

Lake Namunamu is  natural 13 hectare lake with several inlets and good water quality. The peaceful waters have a mirrored surface and there is absolute quiet except for the birds.

A boatshed at the lake contains four dinghies. A toilet, jetty and launching ramp are also provided. You must provide your own life jackets and take great care not to capsize the boat if casting from a standing position.


Lake Namunamu is situated on Ngaruru Station, a privately owned farm on Turakina Valley Road, 14km west of Hunterville.

From Wanganui, take Kauangaroa Road through Fordell, then take Mangatipona Road. At Braemore Junction, turn left into Turakina Valley Road and travel 2 km.

After parking at the farm gate, there is a 20 minute gentle uphill walk along a farm track. Please respect the landowners wishes for no vehicles and no litter on the farm.

See the Lake Namunamu access map.


There is abundant insect life but the fishing can be slow. The lake is up to 18 metres deep and the top 10 metres can warm up to 20 degrees centigrade in summer. Most feeding is therefore sub-surface. The preferred methods are:

Harling: Anglers harl a sinking line or lure. (A large wet fly/lure is towed slowly behind the boat and not allowed to sink far below the surface of the water.)

Spinning: Using spinning gear allowing the spinner to sink before retrieving..

Fly fishing: Casting from the lake edge.

Recommended lures

Nymphs: Damsel or dragonfly patterns

Wet flies: Hamill's Killer, Red Rabbit, Olive Matuka, Woolly Bugger, Yellow Parsons' Glory

Spinners: Toby and Veltic spinners in various colours.

Applicable to Lake Namunamu
Region Taranaki region regulations
Season 1 Oct-30 Sept
Methods Artificial fly, spinner, bait
Bag limit Trout: 2
Size limit (cm) None


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