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  Taupo/Turangi Region Fishing Clubs and Societies

Name Description Based in
Advocates for the Tongariro River Advocates for the Tongariro River is dedicated to protecting and promoting the Tongariro River trout fishery. Turangi
Taupo National Trout Centre Society A voluntary organisation with a focus on informing and educating visitors about trout and the Taupo fishery. It also runs children's fishing days. Turangi
Kinloch Community Association The Kinloch Community Association hosts the Kinloch Fishing Competition each year where 500 keen anglers battle it out on Lake Taupo over 3 days Kinloch

(Tongariro & Lake Taupo Anglers)

Contact Mary Nisbet 07-386 5573

The TALTAC Annual Competition was held in Feb 2008. For the 2008 results see the Tongariro River Motel website.

Taupo Fishing Club

Contact Brian Schrider on 07 377 4527

Taupo Anglers Club

Phone 07 378 9844





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