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Lake Kuratau Trout Fishing

Lake Kuratau provides wilderness fishing close to but quite different from Lake Taupo. It is a great place to get away from the crowds to fish for a very high population of fish.

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Fish type

Rainbow and brown trout


A small man-made lake that now offers wilderness quality fishing west of Lake Taupo.


Access map
Access map with topography

LINZ topographic maps: 1:50,000 (260 series)

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The fish in Lake Kuratau are numerous but they do not tend to reach the size or condition as those in Lake Taupo or Lake Otamangakau. They are dependant on insects for food, and the best fishing coincides with increased insect activity over summer when the trout tend to rise very freely. The trout feed avidly throughout the season making it an exciting fishery where large numbers of fish can be caught. In some years, large numbers of cicadas are blown onto the lakes in late January and early February stimulating some great dry fly fishing.

As there is limited shoreline access, Kuratau is best flyfished from a boat or float tube using a floating line and small nymphs, or stalking and casting to cruising brown trout around the lake edge.

The water has a slightly stained colour from the vegetation that was drowned when the lake was formed.

Lake Kuratau contains no introduced aquatic plants, and it is essential anglers carefully check their boats and trailers for any weed fragments before launching.

Fish numbers and size

The fish in Lake Kuratau are smaller and not as good condition as those in the nearby Lake Otamangakau but there are many more of them.

Access At Kuratau Junction, turn of SH 41 onto SH 32 and then take the Kuratau Hydro road which leads to the lake and the only boat ramp. See the Lake Kuratau access map.

A 6 weight rod.
A weight-forward or double taper floating or intermediate line.
A 4 metre leader of 2.5 kg monfilament.
A spinning rod with 6lb line.
Either a bubble float and suspended fly or dark bladed spinners.

Recommended lures

Nymphs: Hare and Copper,  Halfback, Pheasant Tail and green caddis patterns in sizes 12 to 16

Dry flies: Daddy Long Legs and Coch-y-Bondu. cicada patterns and Green Beetle in summer.

Wet flies/streamers:
Night time: Black Phantom, Craig's Night Time, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Scotch Poacher

Day time: Use flies such as Woolly Bugger, Red Setter , Dollfly, Grey Ghost, Taupo Tigers, Rabbit patterns and Hamill's Killer down to size 6.


Tributaries include the upper Kuratau River and the Mangaongoki Stream

Applicable to Lake Kuratau
Region Taupo fishery area regulation summary
Season 1 Oct-30 June

Fly and spinner.
Boat fishing is permitted

Bag limit No limit
Size limit (cm) 30cm minimum


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