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Lake Wahapo Trout Fishing

Lake Wahapo provides still water fishing for a good population of brown trout in a beautiful setting.


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Fish type Brown trout and salmon
Situation 15kms north of Franz Joseph
Setting Lake Wahapo is a small lake fed by the waters of a small silt laden river. While the lake does usually appear quite dirty and coloured it in fact carries a good number of fish. A small stream flows out from the lake into the Okarito River which also drains the nearby Lake Mapourika. It is set in a very scenic location.

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F&G pamphlet West Coast Sports Fisheries access pamphlet  >>>
Description The waters of Lake Wahapo can be silt laden and therefore appear quite coloured. It has a rocky shoreline and reasonable spots for the shoreline angler. It is best fished from a small boat however with a sunk lure or dark coloured spinner. Anglers who prefer the fly however can also find that fish can rise at any time of the day when the conditions are right.
Fish numbers and size There are good numbers of brown trout in the 2 - 5lb range with the ocassional larger salmon.
Ease of fishing This is a relatively easy to lake to fish from either shore or a boat.
Access State Highway 6 skirts the lake's southern shoreline and there are several access points down to the lake edge.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Suspended nymphs that are just below the surface work well during the evening when fish are crusising the shallows. Fish will also take nymphs of the Hare and Copper or Pheasant Tail variant which can be cast in front of any rising fish.

Dry flies: The fish are often feeding on windblown terrestrial flies and so flies such as a Green Beetle in early summer and cicada patterns from mid summer on work well. Wasp patterns can also work well in the summer months. Small flies such as Black Gnat, Greenwell's Glory, Twilight Beauty and Dad's Favourite are good for the evening rise.

Wet flies: Large sunk flies such as a Hairy Dog, Mrs Simpson, Hamill's Killer or Fuzzy Wuzzy fished so that they skim just above the weed beds.

Spinners: When trolling or casting use Cobras, Tasmanian Devils and Tobys in dark patterns.

Applicable to Lake Wahapo
Region West Coast >>>

Trout: All year

Salmon: 1 Oct-30 Apr

Methods Artificial fly, spinner, bait
Bag limit Total sports fish: 2
Size limit (cm) No limit






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