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NZ Fly Fishing Team Clinics

The NZ Silver Flies is the national fly fishing team which is selected every year from the top qualifying anglers at the SFFNZ National Championships. The current team will represent New Zealand at the World Fly Fishing championships in Slovenia, June 2012.

Silver Flies Clinics

The NZ Fly Fishing team is running a series of clinics catering for all levels of ability, from beginner to experienced angler over the next 12 months.

The clinics will cover; reading rivers, where to fish, spotting and casting to fish, flies, leaders, knots, fly tying and flies types etc.

Team members have attended lots of international competitions and know the latest techniques that they will be able to pass along to you. As there will be no more than two clients to each team member there will be plenty of one on one tuition making these clinics suitable for anglers of all skill levels from beginners to advanced.


8-9 October 2011

Venue: Wanganui River

Accommodation: The Park Travellers Lodge

Focus of Clinic:

  • Preparing tackle including knots, leaders, flies etc
  • Flytying
  • Reading water, spotting fish and where to fish
  • Techniques including nymphing, wetlining, Czech nymphing, dry fly
  • Playing and landing fish

We will meet at 7.30pm on the Friday night for an informal introduction and will conclude at appox 2pm on the Sunday

3-4 December 2011

Venue: Wanganui River, Lake Otamangakau and Lake Rotoaira

Accommodation: The Park Travellers Lodge

Focus of Clinic:

  • This clinic will enable attendees to choose from either a river fishing
    clinic or lake clinic

We will meet at 7.30pm on the Friday night for an informal introduction and will conclude at appox 2pm on the Sunday

11-12 February 2010

Venue: Tukituki River, Hawke's Bay

Accommodation: To be advised

Focus of Clinic:

  • This clinic will focus primarily on dry fly fishing techniques, and will also cover other river fishing techniques if desired

Additional clinics may be scheduled depending on further interest

  • The cost of each clinic will be $600 per attendee and will be on a first paid basis
  • Accommodation and meals will be in addition to costs and for practical reasons all attendees are expected to stay at the clinic accommodation base
Support the 2012 team The primary goal of the clinics is to help raise funds to send the NZ Fly Fishing team to the World Championships in Slovenia next year. As with most minor sports external funding sources are extremely limited and the cost of attending these competitions, which are nearly always held in Europe, is extremely expensive. We appreciate your support.
Team members

The 2011/2012 team is:

Profiles of each team member can be seen on the official SFFNZ website


Details of what you need to bring will be sent out with your confirmation of attendance.

Coments from participants

In my opinion you six guys put on a great weekend. The difference was that you talked to us about technique, ideas, theory and water. I have been with a few guides over the years, I know their aim was to ensure you caught a fish. I prefer the approach your team took being we will teach you how to fish, anywhere


Hi Tony, thanks to you and the team for a wonderful time. I learnt heaps and it has certainly opened my eyes up to a whole different range of techniques and ways of fishing. Key learnings for me include staying in closer contact with the flies, better reading of where the fish lie, how close you can get to the fish and still catch them.


Teresa and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to yourself and the other guides for the weekend flyfishing clinic we just attended.

We both found it very informative and fun and came away with lots of new found knowledge that we would not have got without the expert guidance of the team. With Teresa being relatively new to the sport it was a pleasure to watch her confidence and skills grow as the guys really did put the extra effort into showing her the ropes in a relaxed and enthusiastic manner. She will be a far better fly fisherman as will I having attended the clinic.

So please pass on our thanks to the guys for their efforts and patience.

We are both keen to put into practice all that we have learned and cant wait to get amongst the trout.

I would certainly recommend the clinics to anyone wanting to gain an advantage over your average fly fisherman as we discovered that there is no better way to learn than to fish with people who know how to fish. Please put us down for the Tukituki trip

Thanks Tony, I had a great time and the team were extremely helpful. Gave me plenty to work on.

I appreciate the time and effort it takes to arrange these events so special thanks to yourself too

Thank you very much for your message.

I really enjoyed the weekend with you guys. I've learnt a lot and just listening to the comments, thoughts and theories would have given me more than I expected! The fishing was just the icing on the cake, well done! Thank you all for your efforts and patience.


I learnt more in those 2 days than I have in years. After taking the last few years off fly fishing it was the perfect way to kick start me back into it. So much so that I am trying to find a way that I can convince my wife that I need to do another trip back to NZ in early December for the next clinic.

I am now back on the Gold Coast and the collar bone is still a bit stiff (I might have gone fishing a week too soon!). But I have my rod with me and some practice line to work on my casting and knot tying. I am going to email a couple of mates who I think would be interested in your clinics.

Once again thank you and the team very much, it was a well organised and very appropriate topic wise for me and I enjoyed meeting you all. If I cannot make the December clinic (which is not looking good at this stage) then I'd love to get hold of the notes regarding lake fishing. I'd be more than happy to pay for them.





Silver Flies sponsors

Tony Houpt




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