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Lake Coleridge Fishing Competition

Ryton Bay, Lake Coleridge is the location for a fishing competition sponsored by Hunting and Fishing. The competition is held over the high country opening day, the first Saturday in November (or if postponed to the Sunday) with prize giving an hour after that.

An estimated 1,000 or more anglers fish the Lake Coleridge lakes and the surrounding areas over opening weekend.


Opening day: First Saturday in Nov

Note that if the weather is bad on the Saturday, the competition may be moved to Sunday.


Ryton Bay, Lake Coleridge.

See the Lake Coleridge map.

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Organiser  and contact

North Canterbury Fish & Game

Brian Ross, North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer
Phone: 03 366 9191

Mobile: 021 221 8326
Email: bross@fishandgame.org.nz

Entering the competition

Entry is free. To enter the competition, present a salmon or trout caught in Lake Coleridge, or a trout from any of the other Coleridge lakes, at the green Fish & Game caravan parked on the beach at Ryton Bay over the weekend. For every fish that is weighed in, you will receive a ticket number.



The prize pool is valued at around $10.000 and is made up of prizes from Hunting and Fishing.

  • To enter the fishing competition you must have a current fishing licence which will be checked when entering your fish.
  • All fish must be whole and not frozen or gutted for the weigh in.
  • The weigh station will open at 8.30am and close at 3pm each day. No entries will be accepted after 3pm.
  • The prize draws will be held an hour later at 3pm on the Ryton Bay beach where a BBQ will also be run.
  • At the weigh station, fish will be weighed, angling effort details recorded and the fish head will be removed and used for aging purposes.
  • All prizes will be awarded on the day. You must be present at the prize draw to collect a prize. You cannot claim a prize for another person.
  • North Canterbury Fish & Game take no responsibility for any accidents or injuries incurred during this event. Anglers should be aware of the hazards that exist when around water.
  • Please take all rubbish away with you or place in the bins provided
Catch and release

This year a Catch & Release category has been introduced to allow anglers that do not wish to keep their catch to enter fish into the competition. Anglers are required to take a photo of their trout or salmon on the official competition measure and show the photo at the weight desk before 3pm to enter in this category.

The official measuring sheets can be picked up from Hamills over the next week or from a plastic bin located at the competition billboard at the entrance to Ryton Bay off the Harper Road, from 5pm onwards on Friday 2nd November.


Hunting and Fishing

Objectives and outcomes

The objectives and expected outcomes of the competition are:

  • An incentive to encourage anglers to maximise participation in the area
  • Collect salmon and trout otoliths for analysis in the future
  • Conduct regular creel surveys on all lakes in the area
  • Gather a database of users in the area
  • Create better public awareness of the areas values
  • Opportunity to survey users on a variety of issues
  • Continue a great “kiwi tradition” of taking the family and a boat to the lake on opening weekend


Stay at Lake Coleridge

Glenrock Lodge & Cottage

Glenrock Lodge

Ryton Station

Ryton Station



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