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Review of the Deeper


The new Deeper supplied in New Zealand by Kilwell is a revolutionary product. Once fish finders / depth sounders were the preserve of large boats and large wallets. The Deeper has changed this. For a very small price anyone can now afford a fish finder that can be used anywhere. It is so small and light it can be carried in a fishing vest or used on a raft, float tube or kayak.

What is a deeper? The deeper is a small tennis ball sized machine that is packed full of electronics. It connects to you cellphoe via a free ap and when in the water will send information such as depth, water temparature, underwater obstacle and of course, the location of fish.

While you need to have a your phone with you, the Deeper can be restrictive where you use it (unless your phone is waterproof).

But for anyone with a small boat or kayak, the Deeper is a no-brainer. This is a very sophisticated little machine (I am afraid I only used a few of the tools it offered).

Light, easily portable it can do what much more expensive fish finders do and at a fraction the cost. For anyone who likes to fish from a raft, kayak, float tube or small boat do check out this very impressive piece of equipment.

Watch it work While I could describe it working, watch this video clip to see it working and how to get the most from your deeper
Where can I get one? Deepers are available from Kilwell Sports Ltd.















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