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Dirty Dairying

The impact of dairy farming on lake and river water quality is the subject of heated debate and some legal action with the state of the lower reaches of the Mohaka River being of particular concern.

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15 June 2010

$47,000 in fines for North Waikato effluent offending

Environment Waikato

A North Waikato dairying operation and its manager have been fined a total of almost $50,000 after admitting unlawful spilling of effluent from a holding pond on to land...

5 Feb 2010

Hydrology report examines pine to pasture flood risk

Environment Waikato

Future pine-to-pasture conversions in the Upper Waikato River catchment between Taupo and Karapiro could generally increase the risk of localised flooding of streams feeding the upper river...

25 Sept 2009

Crafars in hot water again

Dominion Post

Farm moguls Allan and Frank Crafar are in trouble again for dirty dairying...

19 Sept 2009

Dirty farm rules may mean compo

Dominion Post

Farmers accused of polluting the scenic Mohaka River in Hawke's Bay could get financial compensation from ratepayers to help them comply with tough new pollution rules...

10 Sept 2009

Hawke's Bay Regional Council set to get tough on dirty river

Dominion Post

New rules to tackle pollution in the scenic Mohaka River are being prepared by Hawke's Bay Regional Council, which is promising zero-tolerance against farmers who breach their consents...

9 Sept 2009

'Hounded' Crafar family sells up dairy farms


One of the country's biggest dairy farming operations say they have been hounded by authorities over dirty dairying and will sell all their farms...

28 Aug 2009

Fines show intolerance of environmental offending

Environment Waikato

Significant fines handed out today to a Crafar farming company and members of the Crafar family are a clear sign of the intolerance the courts and the wider community have for environmental offending that further degrades water quality, says Environment Waikato...

6 Aug 2009

Death of a waterway

Dominion Post

The Mohaka River, a wilderness river protected by an act of Parliament is being turned into a fouled, murky waterway by intensive dairying, Fish and Game says....

5 Aug 2009

Earthworks contractor and farmer fined nearly $59,000

Environment Waikato

A Matamata dairy farmer and an earthworks contractor have collectively been fined nearly $59,000 in total for illegal, large-scale earthworks which led to tonnes of extra sediment getting into the Waihou River in 2007...

29 July 2009

Judge sends clear message to farming industry

Environment Waikato

A Tirau farmer and an earthworks contractor have been fined a total of more than $60,000 over the cutting of a large farm track which threatened to discharge large amounts of sediment into the Oraka Stream, a recognised trout stream...

23 July 2009

Dirty farmers supply dirty companies

Fish & Game New Zealand

“The lack of quick action by Fonterra and dairy farming leadership following yet another series of convictions for dirty dairying by the Crafars makes a mockery of claims by Fonterra that it takes environmental responsibility seriously,” said Bryce Johnson, Chief Executive, New Zealand Fish & Game Council...

12 Jun 2009

NZ fish killed by water quality

Science Alert

Increasing urbanisation and more intensive farming are killing New Zealand's freshwater fish species by degrading water quality, says the author of a report published this week by the Ministry for the Environment.

Dr Mike Joy, a senior lecturer in the ecology group of the University's Institute of Natural Resources, reviewed 22 500 records of fish communities nationally and found they show significant decline over the past 40 years.  The most dramatic impacts are in waterways adjoining pastoral and urban sites...

9 Jun 2009

Minister announces new forum for freshwater management


New Zealand's use of fresh water is to be reformed under a new government initiative announced last night.

Environment Minister Nick Smith told the annual Environment Defence Society conference the changes to fresh water management need a collaborative approach...

There was a history of sector groups taking extreme, and opposing, positions and "this culture has not served New Zealand well", Dr Smith said.

"One of the worst examples has been the debate over freshwater where in recent years Fish and Game has run a `dirty dairying' campaign, while Federated Farmers have responded with accusations of `economic treason'."...

6 May 2009

NZ Dairy Strategy - Environment Must Be A Priority

Otago Daily Times

Fish and Game New Zealand await with interest the launch of the Strategy for New Zealand Dairy Farming by the Prime Minister, John Key on Tuesday.

The adverse environmental effects of intensive agriculture, and dairy framing in particular, are well understood and recognised by central and local government, the agricultural sector and the public of New Zealand...

13 Mar 2009

Fonterra’s five biggest challenges: “Dirty Dairying”

National Business Review

When the Dairy Board, Kiwi Dairies and New Zealand Dairies all merged into super entity Fonterra, you might as well have painted a giant target circle on its forehead for all the eco-activists to throw darts at.

There is no question that the New Zealand dairy industry has a grotty environmental past. And as it intensified its production, consolidated its holdings and expanded its influence, the side effects grew worse...

12 Mar 2009

Ministers slam farmers dirtying NZ waterways

New Zealand Herald

"Recalcitrant" farmers who refuse to comply with measures to keep waterways clean are risking New Zealand's image and will face tough penalties, government ministers said today.

Speaking at the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord Snapshot of Progress 2007-2008 report launch, Environment Minister Nick Smith, Rural Minister David Carter and other speakers all condemned farmers who were not doing their bit...

12 Mar 2009

Voluntary dirty streams accord a roaring success

Green Party

The voluntary Clean Streams Accord has failed and it's time to set enforceable water quality standards, Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman said today.

"Water quality in New Zealand's rivers and lakes continues to get worse according to all the scientific evidence. "It's time for central government to step in with enforceable standards ...

12 Mar 2009

Streams getting cleaner but more work needed

Press Release: New Zealand Government

Agriculture Minister David Carter is welcoming the progress made by the dairy industry in cleaning up rivers and streams on dairy farms, but is sending a strong message to farmers who still refuse to toe the line...

12 Mar 2009

Clean streams accord stalled

Press Release: Fish and Game New Zealand

The fifth annual snapshot of progress on the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord released today makes a mockery of the proposition that "education leads to voluntary change" said Bryce Johnson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Fish & Game Council....

12 Mar 2009

Clean Streams snapshot out of focus

Press Release: Royal Forest And Bird Protection Society

Levels of serious non-compliance over discharge of dairy farm effluent have been miscalculated by the Dairying and Cleans Streams Accord Snapshot Report, Forest & Bird says...

12 Mar 2009

Farmers make good progress toward clean streams

Press Release: Fonterra

The latest results from the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord for the 2007/08 season showed a slight improvement in the overall level of significant non-compliance with Regional Council dairy effluent rules, along with a rise in the level of full compliance...

12 Mar 2009

Cleaner waterways achievable through partnership

Press Release: Local Government NZ

Cleaning up New Zealand‘s waterways from the impacts of dairy farming is achievable if all parties take an active role, have accurate monitoring and are committed to making the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord work, said Local Government New Zealand National Council spokesperson Stephen Cairns...

12 Mar 2009

Clean streams accord part of a much bigger picture

Press Release: Dairy NZ

DairyNZ says the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord is just one example of the initiatives undertaken to improve dairy farming‘s effect on the environment, and it is a strong supporter of farmers taking action to meet the Accord...





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