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Access to Lakes and Rivers

Denial of permission to cross private land and exclusive access deals made by some fishing guides with local farmers are stealthily reducing the access that anglers have customarily enjoyed.

You can make a complaint about access to the Walking Access Commission. Email contact@walkingaccess.org.nz or post to PO Box 12-348, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.

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20 March 2010

Waterways - Privatisation by stealth

TV3: The Nation

Access to lakes, rivers and bays is something kiwis take for granted. But many of our waterways are off limits to the public. Property titles can cut across riverbeds, creating a web of no-go zones in our best fishing spots... View video footage

16 March 2010

Privatisation by Stealth

An opinion piece by David Hayes

16 March 2010

Kiwi Fishing and Hunting - Private or Public?

An opinion piece by Tony Orman

16 March 2010

Private exploitation of a public resource

Press release from NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers

The NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers congratulates Doug Stevens for highlighting ('Morning Report') a growing problem about which we have expressed concern for some years, namely 'fishing access being sold for pecuniary gain'...

15 March 2010

Anglers say access to fishing spots is declining

Morning Report, National Radio

Anglers say traditional easy access to rivers, lakes and streams is being made harder by landowners selling exclusive access rights to guiding companies... Listen to the news item

December 2009

Submission from nzfishing.com

nzfishing.com's submisison to the Walking Access Commission.

2 Oct 2009

Strategy for Walking Access on the Right Track

Press Release: Rural Women

Rural Women New Zealand is pleased that its concerns about home and farm security have been recognized in the draft National Strategy on Walking Access, released this week. Rural Women New Zealand has been at the forefront of the walking access debate from the start...

30 Sep 2009

Draft Walking Access Strategy And Codes on Track

Press Release: Fish and Game New Zealand

Fish & Game welcomes the draft National Strategy for Walking Access released today in Christchurch by the Hon David Carter...

30 Sep 2009

Guidelines For Outdoor Access Drafted

Press Release: Walking Access Commission

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission today published draft guidelines for access to New Zealand’s beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains...


Fish & Game position statement on access

Fish and Game New Zealand


Policy on practical access to public land

United Future


Walking Access Act 2008

The Act of Parliament relating to walking access.





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