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Mepps Black Fury trout lure


Known in New Zealand simply as a Mepps, the Mepps Black Fury is a popular bladed lure that is often used when spin fishing smaller waters.

It is usually cast up stream into faster water and retrieved just faster than the current so that it is near the bottom but with sufficient speed to ensure the blade is spinning.

In many regions around New Zealand only a single hook is legal so be careful to check the relevant regulations before using.

Mepps Black Fury Plain
(yellow dot)

Colours It comes in a variety of colours though the black is the most popular.  The black comes in yellow dot, white dot, fluorescent red dot, and chartreuse dot.
Sizes Use #00 Mepps for stream trout and #2 and #3 for big brown and rainbow trout in larger rivers or lakes.
See also Veltic
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