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nzfishing.com news: May 2011

The Rugby World Cup is coming...

The biggest sporting event ever to be hosted in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup, starts in September. It is expected many tens of thousands of rugby fans from around the world will descend on New Zealand for the two month long competiton. If you are intending to come to New Zealand and wish to go fishing from September to November, we strongly suggest that you make your bookings now as we are receiving daily requests from people coming for the tournament asking about where to go fishing near the venues. It appears many rugby fans are also keen anglers.

And while Christchurch has been hit hard by the recent tragic earthquakes, visiting anglers can be reassured that the rest of the Canterbury region and New Zealand has been unaffected. Christchurch is again up and running, the fishing lodges are open, the guides still working and the rivers and lakes are as good as they ever were.

Trust nzfishing.com when choosing accommodation or a guide...

Many of you will be noticing many changes that are taking place on nzfishing.com. But one thing that has not changed is that we only accept advertising from guides and accommodation providers that are directly related to fishing or are in very close proximity to good fishing waters. You can therefore be confident that if it is on nzfishing.com you can trust it. When looking for a guide or a place to stay on your fishing trip we strongly recommend that you select from the places and services we list on our site as we only accept the best from each area.

And if you know of a great place to stay or a special guide that you think we should feature on nzfishing.com, please let us know by emailing tony@nzfishing.com

Some places that are worth investigating

In our newsletters we are going to feature some of the areas where you will find great accommodation, guides and of course, superb fishing. This month we would like to focus on the Buller region around Murchison. This area of New Zealand has a high concentration of rivers that provide excellent sight fishing for large wiley brown trout in crystal clear water.

Murchison Lodge which is located on the banks of the Buller River and a short drive from the Matakitaki, Matiri, Mangles, Owne and Maruia rivers (to name a few) provides a wonderful centre to explore this region. This lodge caters for both the the angler and non-fishing partners and is highly recommended.

And if comfort and solitude are what you want then take a look at the superb Owen River Lodge on the banks of the beautiful Owen River. This fishing lodge is dedicated to the needs of anglers and provides the highest levels of service including access to the best guides. A superb location run by anglers for anglers where only the best is good enough.

Rod and Reel are on the move

Rod and Reel the iconic Auckland store dedicated solely to fresh and salt waters angling has moved. It is now located at 480 Broadway, Newmarket. To celebrate the move to much bigger and brighter premises there are a number of great moving specials (some well below half price) and so are worth a look for a bargain.

Ever seen a tiger trout?

And as a final note, if you are interested in seeing some interesting photos of the rare tiger trout check out the photo page on Lake Rotoma where Rod and Reel's resident guide, Yoshi, has a series of superb photos of a 7lb tiger trout he caught. These photos are truly amazing. The question is, how did he catch the fish and photograph it at the same time?

Doug Stevens

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