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nzfishing.com news: July 2011

Focus on the superb winter fishing in Rotorua...


Photo courtesy of Miles Rushmer

For many people Rotorua is always associated with crowds photographing steaming mud pools and geysers. Yet many people do not realise that the lakes around Rotorua provide some of the most spectacular winter fishing. Many lakes have limited spawning rivers and the fish that were liberated when they were not much more than fingerlings return to where they were released; often as double-figure trophy fish. Those interested in fishing this area should look at what lakes Rotorua, Rotoiti, Okataina and others in the area have to offer. It is arguably the best trophy rainbow fishery in the country!

And to make the most of your time in Rotorua...

Marama Resort lies between lakes Rotorua and Rotoiti. The resort offers private spacious units (and a great restaurant) making it a great base to explore the wonderful fishing in the area. There is also plenty for the non-fishing partner to do also.

For those who are looking for a guide that really knows the area we highly recommend Dennis Ward and Miles Rushmer.

Dennis Ward will help you find those those special places that only a person who has fished the region for many years knows about. He is highly experienced and comes highly recommended by those that have used his services.

And if you are looking for someone to put you onto a trophy trout it would be hard to find a better guide than Miles Rushmer who manages to put his clients onto huge fish each year. One of Miles' specialities is winter shoreline flyfishing on the Rotorua Lakes.

The Rugby World Cup is coming..

We are now less than three months away from the beginning of the biggest sporting event to be held in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup. And what is more it starts around the same time as many of the rivers around New Zealand open for the new season's fishing. For the tens of thousands of rugby fans who would also like to experience some of this country's fabled fishing they should book any accommodation, guides and helicopters now. To ensure you get the best, contact the accommodation, guides etc that nzfishing.com recommends.

Learn from the experts...

The New Zealand Silver Flies team to compete at the World Championships in Slovenia next year has now been named.

The NZ Fly Fishing team are running a series of clinics catering for all levels of ability, from beginner to experienced angler over the next 12 months. The clinics will cover; reading rivers, where to fish, spotting and casting to fish, flies, leaders, knots, fly tying and flies types etc. You will learn more in two days than in you would pick up fishing by yourself in two years. The intention is to hold clinics in a number of regions depending on demand. There will be no more than one to two anglers to each team member so there will be plenty of one-on-one tuition.

To register your interest in these clinics contact Tony@nzfishing.com

Thinking of buying a 4 Wheel Drive...?

Next time you are on a river and come across a guide, take a look at what they are driving. Chances are it will be a Nissan. The reason is that Nissan outdoor recreational vehicles are built to get you to the river in comfort and get you home again. Reliability is second to none and when you have fished the late evening rise on a remote backcountry stream miles, knowing you can get home again whatever the weather conditions is very reassuring. To see the impressive Nissan range (and their special offers) click here...


Doug Stevens and Tony Houpt

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