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nzfishing.com news: April 2011

Highlighting a major new development

We are delighted to welcome our new partner Tony Houpt to nzfishing.com. Tony has been a passionate fisherman for over 30 years and is actively involved in competitive fishing. He has represented New Zealand in the World Championships in Poland in 2010, the Commonwealth Championships in New Zealand in 2008 and in Wales in 2010 and the Oceania Championships in 2009. He is a member of the Sports Fly Fishing NZ Inc committee. He has also been successful in being chosen for the Silver Flies to represent New Zealand in Slovenia in 2012.

Tony has an accounting degree and a background in marketing and sales. Tony's business experience together with his passion for fishing will greatly enhance the services we currently provide. He brings a wealth of new ideas and over the next few months you will see many changes take place on nzfishing.com. Like the rest of the team, Tony is committed to ensuring that nzfishing.com remains New Zealand's premier fishing website.

Statistics and visitor numbers for nzfishing.com

From its early beginnings nzfishing.com has continued to grow and is now top of the major search engines such as google for all the most commonly used search phrases about fishing in New Zealand. Visitor numbers have risen by around 40% per year on average since 2008. Last year there were 290,000 visitors, from 191 countries who read a total of 1.5 million pages on our site.

This is a very impressive figure as nzfishing.com is a very specialised site accessed by people who are interested in finding out about fishing in New Zealand. It proves that any business involved in the freshwater fishing industry, whether as an accommodation provider, guide or tackle supplier, needs to have a presence on nzfishing.com. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that internet advertising increased by 22 percent in 2010, and "online advertising still has a lot of growth ahead of it".

An interesting outline of the changes in advertsing methods and expenditure can be read in this Ezine article.

Outlining some policy changes

With the introduction of Tony to nzfishing.com it is an ideal time to make some changes. One of the first changes we are making is that we will be reviewing the number of advertisers we have on our site. We are keen to ensure that people can trust the information we give including those that use our site to promote their services. Consequently, when we receive negative feedback about any business we will follow this up and where necessary take the advertiser of the site. (This removal would of course include a pro-rata refund where required).

Secondly, those advertisers that take Regional ads, will be placed at or near the top of each of the pages they advertise on as well as getting a prominent placing on the relevant Regional page.

Thirdly, those that take a Regional page ad will get a mention with the appropriate link on at least one of our newslettesr that goes out monthly to several thousand subscribers worldwide. The number of Regional ads we can accept is limited and we wish to ensure that those that take this option get the best service.

To see nzfishing.com's new advertising structure click here>>>

Changes in nzfishing.com pricing structure

In the first real change to pricing since we started out in 2006, we are also altering our pricing structure effective from 1 April 2011. New clients now pay an initial joining fee of $100 plus GST to cover the initial set-up work, and the annual subscription becomes GST exclusive rather than GST inclusive. You will see this change on your next invoice. In addition, the minimum annual subscription for new advertisers is now $250 + GST, and those who choose the premium regional package at $650 + GST a year will be given precedence in listings and in the placement of their ads.

We will allow up to six changes to a webpage each year free of charge. After that each change will incur a $50 fee.

Our new payment policy.

Our policy is that payment for annual advertising is made up front. We send out renewal invoices a month before the new advertising year starts and expect payment by the end of the month. If we have not received payment by the end of the month, we will send a statement as a reminder. If we haven’t received payment by the end of the next month, we will assume you no longer wish to advertise on nzfishing.com and will remove you from the site. Note that should you wish to rejoin at a later date, you will need to pay the joining fee.

Several advertisers have requested that we set up a direct payment option which we are happy to do. For those advertiding on a regional map page this would be a $60 direct debit per month and for standard ads $25 per month. Let us know if you would like to change to this simple payment method.

Supplying us with video clips

One of the request that we often get is for videos of the rivers and lakes. While photographs are good a moving image is so much better. If you have clips and can upload them onto Youtube we can then link to them from your page and / or the river or lake. All videos supplied to us with be attributed to you and will link back to your webpage. For an example of how this works click onto the page for Latitude Guiding.

A final thank you

We like many of you have found the last year difficult. We are proud that not only have we weathered the financial downturn but have continued to grow. We at nzfishing.com would like to thank you for your support over the years and trust that you will continue to find value in your association with nzfishing.com.

Doug Stevens

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