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nzfishing.com news: 30 November 2011
Why use a fishing guide...?

The cost of going on a fishing trip is not getting any cheaper!! While it can be an enjoyable experience locating new access points and fishing different rivers, it can also be very time consuming and costly. For most of us, we want to maximise the time we have fishing and fishing where we have a good chance of catching some fish. That's where a good guide can help. Not only will they identify your needs and match them with what's available, their vast experience will show you the right technique to use. When choosing a guide, you should ask whether they're a member of the NZ Professional Guides Association and how much experience they have. You should consider using a guide as an investment. Remember you get what you pay for!!

At nzfishing.com we recommend only the best. To find the best guides in the region you wish to fish click here.

Simms joins nzfishing.com...
It's easy to recommend a product if you're sold on it yourself. That's why having Simms advertise on our site is so great. We all use Simms products as they're second to none for practicality, durability and appearance. Check out the latest range of Simms products and NZ retailers here.

Hire a 4WD and cruise the country...
If you're looking to do some fishing around New Zealand, then 4WD will give you peace of mind when travelling to those hard-to-get places. NZ 4WD Hire can also arrange any equipment you need for camping, mountain biking or tramping. Pickup locations are at either Auckland or Christchurch airports. To find out more have a look here.

Special Deals Page...
For the latest special deals from Rod & Reel, and our other advertisers click here.

Tongariro River Rafting...
This is the time of the year you may want to try something a bit different. Fish the mighty Tongariro by raft and access some parts of the river most anglers will never see. For full details on the rafting experience of a lifetime have a look here.

Tony's Diary...
Don't forget Tony updates his diary weekly. He is building a library of blogs dealing with techniques, tackle and his own fishing experiences. Read what he's been up to.

Doug Stevens and Tony Houpt

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