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nzfishing.com news: 29 October 2011
Doug Stevens...
As you will know, Doug Stevens has been very active on outdoor issues over the past few years with the consequence that he is standing for parliament at the election on Nov 26th. Doug is with the UnitedFuture party and is the environment and outdoor recreation spokesperson. He will contest the Nelson seat (though in reality is only seeking the party vote). He has been given second place on the list and so is likely to be successful in his bid for a seat in parliament representing the interest of anglers and hunters. We encourage all voters to look at what Doug is standing for and to give the UnitedFuture party their party vote so that he can work to safeguard our wonderful outdoor heritage.

Christmas is coming...
This book is on sale for $80 at Rod and Reel. It would make an ideal Christmas present and all proceeds go towards the NZ Silver Flies. New Zealand's Best Trout Flies is the culmination of years of experience on rivers and lakes throughout the country. Not only is the book a special addition to every angler's library but it is signed by the 30 anglers who have contributed to it. Compiled by Peter Scott, one of the current NZ team members it features some of NZ’s best fly tiers. To order your copy click here

Tarata Fishaway...
Have you ever experienced the sort of fly fishing only accessible to a few? Tarata Fishaway offer exhilarating rafting trips down the beautiful Rangitikei River which opens up some incredible water only accessible by raft. Not only do you get the thrill of some rafting, you also get to fish in some pristine water and try for those trophy Rangitkei rainbows. Doug’s made the trip several times and raves about the experience. Check out their video footage.

Special Deals Page...
I know some of our readers have already taken advantage of some of the great deals from our advertisers. For the latest special deals click here

Simon Wilkinson Guiding...

What a rainbow!

Looking to fish Southland or Otago, then you want to contact Simon Wilkinson. Have a look at his page on our site Click here. He has some amazing video footage which gives readers a chance to experience some of the best fishing New Zealand has to offer. Have a look at his video footage

Photo Competition...
Only a couple of weeks to go to get your photos in for our photo competition. Remember first prize is a night for two at Solitaire Lodge.
Send your photos to jenelle@nzfishing.com

Tony's Diary
Don't forget Tony updates his diary weekly. See what he’s been up to.

Doug Stevens and Tony Houpt

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