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nzfishing.com news: Feb 2012
Enter our junior anglers photo competition....

Over the next few months we will be accepting photos of junior anglers with the winning entry receiving a 4 piece, weight 6, Taimer rod with bag and carry tube, Okuma reel, floating line with backing and tapered leader.

Young anglers are the future for our sport and there are a large number of days in each region where you can take a kid fishing where they will be almost guaranteed success. So now is the time to get your young angler out on a river or lake and take that picture! The winning entry will be the one the judges feel best captures the spirit of angling.

Read more>>>>>

Check what is happening around the country....

After what was slow start for the season in many areas we are receiving reports that the fishing is really picking up around the country. Micahel Vetters has reported that the fishing on the Mataura River is the best he has experienced in ten years and we are getting great reports about the dryfly fishing in and around the Central North Island now that the cicadas are hatching.

Look at our reports pages and see what is happening in the various districts. It will make you want to get the rods out and call into work sick...

Specials for the month of Februrary......

To celebrate its 30th year that Tongariro Lodge has been recognised as one of the top trout fishing and outdoor activity lodges in the world, its owners have come up with a last minute prime-time special. Read more >>>>

As well as their usual wide range of products, Fishermans Loft is offering Simms waders at under $500NZ a pair. To see this and other deals visit their website>>>

Your chance to buy an unused, rare Hardy Koh-i-Noor rod...

We are able to offer a very rare Hardy Koh-i-Noor split can rod for sale. This superb rod has never been used and even has its original label on it. Hardy split cane rods are rare enough but one that has its original bag, tube and instructions is very rare indeed.

If you are interested (or know someone who is a collector), please alert them to this item. It provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of angling history. Chances like this happen very rarely. Read more>>>>

And March is the time to look in the mirror......

We all know that the New Zealand sun is very fierce and can cause melanoma (which kills more New Zealanders than car accidents). March is at the end of summer and so is an ideal time to check your skin for any changes in freckles, spots or other blemishes. And if in doubt, go to the doctor. If caught early, this cancer can be easily removed.

Fishermen (and it is much more prevalent in men) are very much at risk of this form of cancer due to the time spent in the sun. So do read this article, "March to the Mirror" and do yourself a favour. Spend a few minutes to check that all is well.


Doug Stevens

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