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nzfishing.com news: Jan 2012

How has the fishing season gone to date?

We are receiving mixed reports about the fishing season from around the country but it is fair to say that most areas are fishing well and are looking good for the latter half of the season. New Zealand has had strange weather this summer with many unusually wet days in the north and a prolonged dry period in the south. Generally it has been much cooler than usual.

So before heading out to fish an area do check the conditions. This can be done through our website by checking the reports page for the region (For example the Rotorua region) or checking the Conditions section for the region (For example the Wellington Region).

There is nothing worse than turning up at a river to find it in full flood.

International fishing licences

One of the most frequent questions we receive from overseas anglers is about what licences they need as non-residents. The answer is they need exactly the same licence as residents. New Zealand does not charge a non-residents fee or licence to fish our waters. And the licence is actually very reasonable as you can fish many thousands of kilometres of rivers and lakes for a year for $NZ116. To read what you need see our section on New Zealands regulations

As you will see from my blog I am now answering many of the frequently asked questions there.

Focus on the Nelson region

Many people have written to us asking about the fishing in the Nelson / Golden Bay region after the pre-Christmas floods. I am pleased to say that the floods, while very severe, were confined to the coastal region and had little impact on the majority of rivers. In fact according to the local guides who fish the area, this is a great season and as we move into the full summer months will be fishing at their peak over the next months.

So if you are the type of angler that likes to stalk wary large brown trout in crystal clear water, now is the peak time to fish this magic region that has been dubbed "brown trout heaven". To make the most of your time in the area we strogly recommend that you hire a guide as the fishing around Nelson and Golden Bay is challenging to say the least.

Also make use of the accommodation we recommend for the region. Whether it be luxury fishing lodges or other accommodation, the places we have listed all cater for the angler and are usually located on some of the very best fishing waters.

This photo taken by guide Zane Mirfin shows the quality of fishing to be found in the Nelson region at present. If you want to know the name of the river however you will need to contact Zane.

Special deals on offer....

Michael Vetters, a top guide from the Southland region is offering a special deal for the Easter period.

Fishermans Loft in Christchurch has a great deal going on Simms waders and high powered LED lights that are great for handsfree usage.

Doug Stevens

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