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Don't put your rods away yet:
nzfishing.com news, June 2012

Take a look at our new format....

Today when you click on the homepage of nzfishing.com you will notice that it has changed. There are several new sections and others will be updated over the coming weeks. We hope you like the new look and easy access to your favourite pages.

View the winning entry for the kids photo competition.......
We are pleased to announce that Ethan Solvander was the winner of our kids fishing competiton. Ethan is a very keen 11 year old angler who has part time jobs to earn money to buy his fishing gear. His photo wins him a fly rod, reel and line courtesy of Composite Developments. Have a look at the three winning photos....

Welcome to Wilderness motorhomes....
We are delighted to welcome Wilderness motorhomes onto our website. For any angler who has been frustrated at not being able to stay at a wonderful fishing spot they have discovered, a Wilderness motorhome is the answer. The Wilderness range of campervans are ideal for anglers as the entire fleet is fully-certified for "wild" camping.

Focus on winter fishing....

Lake Rotoehu: photo Mike Jarvie

Why not think of taking a short winter break and experience the superb fishing that can be had at this time of the year. For instance Lyon's Homestay on Lake Okareka is ideally placed for anglers wishing to fish a number of waters around the Rotorua district. Check out the wide range of accommodation options in the Taupo and Rotorua area.

And just for fun take a look at these video clips....

If you think you are a great fisherman watch this amazing video clip of osprey catching trout, salmon and other species.

And now if you want to feel better about your skills, take a look at this clip.

Happy fishing.

Doug Stevens

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