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Management and conservation of New Zealand freshwater fisheries
NZ Fish & Game

New Zealand Fish & Game Council

Fish & Game New Zealand manages all New Zealand's freshwater sportsfish fisheries except the Taupo fishery area.

DOC Taupo fishery

Department of Conservation: Taupo fishery

The Department of Conservation (DOC) manages the Taupo fishery area.

Tourism NZ

Tourism New Zealand

Tourism NZ is the site to explore everything that New Zealand has to offer. A great place to explore options for non-fishing partners.

New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA)

The NZFFA represents freshwater angling clubs from throughout New Zealand. In particular, it represents their concerns and issues, at a national and political level. It also advocates for and celebrates the joy of freshwater fishing.

Sports Fly Fishing New Zealand

SFFNZ promotes competitive fly fishing in New Zealand provides a national structure whereby regional and national competitions are held teams selected to attend international competitions.

Trout Unlimited New Zealand

Trout Unlimited is the world's leading coldwater fisheries conservation organization. In New Zealand, TUNZ focuses its efforts to maintain and rehabilitate freshwater fisheries.

Wild Rivers campaign

The Wild Rivers campaign is a united call for stronger protection for New Zealand’s remaining wild river from eight organisations includign Fish & Game New Zealand..

IPENZ Rivers Group

Rivers Group integrates all the different areas of river usage and management, and brings practitioners and community interests together. Membership is open to all including individual river enthusiasts.

Land Information New Zealand

The Land Information New Zealand website outlines the factors considered by the Overseas Investment Office when overseas investors apply to purchase land where significant trout, salmon or wildlife habitats exist.

Tongariro National Trout Centre

The Tongariro National Trout Centre works with DOC to enlighten and inform children and educate all visitors about trout, the Taupo fishery, New Zealand freshwater ecology.

Advocates for the Tongariro River

A group that seeks to preserve and enhance the Tongariro River and its fisheries. It operates  discussion forum on current issues which is open to anyone interested.

See also Advocates for the Tongairo River on this site.

NIWA Atlas of New Zealand Freshwater Fishes

NIWA Science provides information about trout and salmon species with maps showing the distribution of rainbow trout, brown trout and salmon.

New Zealand Freshwater Fish Database (NZFFD)

NIWA's New Zealand Freshwater Fish Database records the occurrence of fish in fresh waters of New Zealand. Anglers are invited to contribute data about their catches.

NIWA National Centre for Water Resources (NCWR)

The National Centre for Water Resources (NCWR) provides public information on river, lake, and groundwater conditions across New Zealand including water quantity and quality. It also acts as a distribution point for new technology and management tools for water-related issues.

Lakes Water Quality Society

A community organisation that focuses on improving water quality in the wonderful Rotorua Lakes. Activities include fostering research and education on lakes issues, and working with local and central government and community groups on restoring the lakes to health.

Trout Bum

A guide to trout fishing in New Zealand for visitors from Japan written primarily in Japanese.

Water Wisdom

A society that aims to to help New Zealanders make informed and wise decisions about our water resources.


Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations (CORANZ)

CORANZ is an apolitical coalition of outdoor recreational national bodies working together to identify and protect the common basic values of outdoor recreation for all New Zealanders.

New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association

NZFWDA aims to promote and improve Four Wheel Drive activities throughout New Zealand.  As the national representative body for 4WD interest in New Zealand, it represents over 2,400 individuals in 52 Four Wheel Drive (4WD) clubs,


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