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CD Rod

Fly rods and tackle

View the range of rods available with information, revues and where you can purchase them. Make an informed choice on what will be your most expensive piece of equipment.

Scierra sinking line

Flylines and tippet

Which is the best flyline for your purposes. Are you stalking cunning brown trout in crystal clear streams or focusing on feisty rainbows in deep forest pools. Get the line and tippet you need.

Mrs Simpson

Flies and lures

Everyone has their favourite fly. See the range on offer and where you can purchase them. The flies listed are those that have been developed for New Zealand conditions and imitate the food that the trout and salmon eat.


Books, maps and DVDs

What better thing to do when not able to go fishing than to either read about it, watch it on DVD or get a map and plan that trip into new territory.

Books and / or DVDs also make a great gift for any angler as well as being a wonderful momento of your time in New Zealand.





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