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Taharua River

The Taharua is a tributary of the upper Mohaka River which holds a relatively small number of resident brown trout. Access is courtesy of Poronui Station. Note that fishing is poor at present and it is not highly recommended as a fishing destination.

Fish type The Taharua River holds a relatively small number of resident brown trout. To preserve the numbers of trout in this river please practice catch and release.
Situation The Taharua rises in the Kaimanawa Ranges and flows into the upper Mohaka River.
Map and conditions

Access map

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Access There is access to the Taharua River for anglers via Poronui Station. A poled public walking route starts at the end of Taharua Road which is accessed off SH5 near Rangitaiki and leads to the Mohaka River via the Taharua.

Access points

Four access points are detailed on the Fish & Game access map and clearly marked with anglers access signs. They are:
- Approximately 2 km from the carpark at Blake Bridge
- Approximately 5 km from the carpark at Goose Flat Bridge
- Approximately 6 km from the carpark at The Rock
- At the Mohaka River (10 km from the carpark)

Conditions of use

  • Access is provided by Poronui Station on the following conditions:
  • Please stay on the poled route to get to these access points
  • Once in the river please stay within the river bed where possible when moving up or downstream
  • Privacy zones apply to areas around the buildings on Poronui Ranch. Please stay 250 metres from buildings within these zones (as marked on the map)
  • Foot access only, no bicycles, motorbikes or 4WD vehicles
  • No firearms or dogs within the angler access areas
  • No fires and please remove all litter

For further information

Please contact the following people for further information:

- Eve Reilly, Poronui Ranch, (07) 384 2080
- Iain Maxwell, Fish and Game, (06) 844 2460

Methods While both spin fishing and fly fishing are permitted, this is a good fly fishing water
Recommended tackle Rods between 5 - 7 weight and reasonably heavy leaders ( 6 - 8lb) are needed as the fish can be quite large and need to be able to have some pressure put on them at times.
Recommended lures Nymphs: Dark weighted nymph patterns in sizes 12 to 14 such as Hare and Copper, Pheasants Tail, Prince nymphs and Halfbacks all work well.

Dry flies: During the summer large size 10 to 12 flies fished over the faster water can be very effective. Dry Royal Wulff, cicada patterns, Parachute Adams, Humpy, and beetle and cricket patterns.

Wet flies / Streamers: Small wet flies such as Invicta, March Brown, Greenwell 's Glory, Grouse and Claret and Mallard work well, particularly in the evening when fish are taking emerger patterns just subsurface. When fishing deeper try Hamill's Killer, Mrs Simpson, Yellow Rabbit and Red Setter.

Spinners: Many spinners work well though when fishing the upper reaches use duller colours as brown trout predominate, and use brighter colours in the middle and lower reaches where there are mainly rainbow trout present.

Applicable to Mohaka River tributaries
Region Hawkes' Bay region regulations
Season 1 Oct-30 Jun
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit 1
Size limit (cm) None

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