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Lake Selfe


Lake Selfe is a small easily accessed picturesque lake that holds a good population of brown and rainbow trout that are great feisty fighters..

Fish type Brown trout and rainbow trout
Situation Lake Selfe is one of the Rakaia Lakes that lies between Lake Evelyn and Lake Henrietta to the north east of Lake Coleridge.

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Description This small lake provides an attractive venue to fish for a good population of both brown and rainbow trout. It is a long narrow lake with plenty of spaces to cast a line. The shoreline is a mixture of open tussock land and bush covered hills. Trout can be seen cruising the shoreline on calm bright days but mostly this lake is fished blind.

This lake is a good place to fish for a day and is a good venue to introduce young anglers to the sport.

Access Harper road follows the western shoreline of the lake for its entire length. Small boats can be launched from the beach at the southern end of the lake.
Methods Spinning and fly fishing are both popular and productive.
Recommended tackle Fly rods around 9 foot in length and capable of casting weight 6 -7 lines are ideal. Spin rods with approx 3kg (6lb) breaking strain nylon) and able to cast a 7 - 10 g lure.
Recommended lures Dry flies: During the warm weather big bushy flies of the Humpy or Coch-y-Bondhu type and attractors such as a Royal Wulff thyoughout the season. Try Blowfies and cicada patterns during the hottest months.

Nymphs: Damsel fly imitations as well as Prince Nymphs and Pheasants Tails.

Wet flies: Streamer flies and bully imitations such as a Mrs Simpson, Hamills Killer patterns. And when those fail try a water-boatman

Spinners: Rapalas (small brown trout imitations) and tobys.

Tributaries None of note
Applicable to Lake Selfe
Region North Canterbury regulations
Season All year Oct 1 - 30 Sept
Methods Artificial Fly and spinner. Fishing from a non-motorised boat is permitted
Bag limit 2
Size limit (cm) None

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