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Kaiwhakauka Stream

A small very remote and difficult to access stream that holds a reasonable population of feisty rainbow trout and larger brown where your only companions will be the birds (and maybe a lone conservation worker). As well, the Kaiwhakauka is a major Whio (blue duck) habitat so this is a great chance to see these endangered birds.

Fish type Mostly rainbow and some brown trout
Situation The Kaiwhakauka Stream rises in the hills of the Whanganui National Park and flows eastwards to enter the Whanganui just south of the small historic settlement of Whakahoro near the Retaruke / Whanganui confluence.

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A beautiful small water that is a mixture of pools and short runs and rapids. It is easily waded and in fact once you are on the river you can walk upstream along the riverside for long distances. As the climb down is so arduous (and the climb back up even worse) this makes the river seldom fished. Large trees come down to the banks in most places and so there is little open areas for long backcasts. It is best to get into the river and fish upstream (always checking behind for overhanging vegetation that will snag any hook)

A waterfall a few kilometres upstream is a barrier to any fish moving into the upper reaches. This river fishes well throughout the year and stays clear except after the heaviest of rain. It is a spawning stream and so will have good fish moving into it during the latter part of the season.

Fish numbers and size Reasonable fish numbers of rainbow trout and few larger brown trout.
Access The only access is from the track that leads up the valley from the end of the Oio Road at Whakahuru (or by taking a kayak from the Retaruke confluence - there are kayaks to hire from the Blue Duck Lodge)
Methods This is ideal dry fly and nymph water. Spinning is permitted but spinners would need to be small and as many sections are quite short bladed spinner would be best.
Recommended tackle Very light tackle (weight 4 is ideal). The water is very clean and so a reasonable length leader will avoid spooking fish.
Recommended lures

Dry flies: Sedges and mayfly patterns all year with blowflies, cicadas and hoppers during the late summer. Beetle patterns are also worth a try early in the summer months.

Nymphs: Small pheasant tails, Halfbacks, Prince nymph, Hare's Ears and brown or green caddis nymphs (with some weight are required to get down in the deeper pools and where the pocket water)

Wet flies: Small wee wets and spider patterns

Spinners: Small mepps or veltics.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note
Applicable to Kaiwhakauka Stream
Region Taranaki region regulations
Season 1 Oct-30 Apr
Methods Artificial fly, spinner, bait
Bag limit 4
Size limit (cm) None

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