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Kauaeranga River

The Kauaeranga is a delightful scenic water holding a good population of small to medium-sized rainbow trout. Despite its easy access it is relatively easy to get away from other anglers though it is a also a popular tramping area.
Fish type Rainbow trout in reasonable numbers in the middle and upper reaches.
Situation The Kauaeranga river rises in the Coromandel ranges and flows westward to enter the Firth of Thames near the township of Thames.

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Description The Kauaeranga river is a small water with generally clear water flowing over a boulder and gravel bed. It rises in the forests in the Coromandel ranges and provides the angler with a very scenic vista.

In the upper reaches the water is very clear and fish numbers high. Fish in this section are generally very small however In the middle reaches the numbers of fish increase but are fewer in number but are in the 0.75 to 1 kg weight range. During the summer the river flow can decrease quite dramatically and at times the river suffers from an algae bloom. When the weather cools however the fish can become very active and late in the season feed voraciously on both nymphs and terrestrial insects.

The middle reaches also has good fishing though the lower reaches are tidal and offer poor quality water.

Access There is excellent access from the Kauaeranga River Valley Road which runs alongside the river providing easy access to most of the fishable water. See the Kauaeranga River access map.
Methods All methods are legal on this river though it is an ideal water for both dry fly and nymph fishing. During the warm weather fish will often go quite deep and take shelter under vegetation and so a deeper sunk lure may be necessary.
Recommended tackle As this is a very small river, light tackle is recommended. Rods capable of casting a weight five line using very fine leaders (preferably with a light fluorocarbon tippet) are ideal.
Recommended lures

Dry flies:
Royal Wulff, Blue Dun, Klinkhammers Adams, and Caddis patterns, Coch-Y-Bondhu thoughout the year. Brown bettles (Nov) and green bettles (Dec / Jan) with cicada and hopper patterns from mid-summer.

Small lightly weighted or unweighted Pheasant Tail, Coloburiscus, Halfbacks and Hare and Coppers in sizes 14 to 16.

Wet flies:
Small soft hackled wet flies such as spiders fished just subsurface especially during the evening rise can be effective on warm evenings

Small bladed spinners preferably in red and gold patterns such as a Veltic fished through the pools or upstream into the faster water can be effective during the day when other methods fail.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note.
Applicable to Kaueranga River
Region Auckland/Waikato regulations
Season Oct 1-Jun 30
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit 5
Size limit (cm) 30cm

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