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Choosing your fly reel

Fly reels are of a quite simple construction and have the major purpose of holding the line and backing. They have little part in casting though it is advisable to try and match the weight of the reel with the rod so it is well balanced. Having a rod and reel balanced makes for a much more pleasant day's fishing.

The spool

The spool is what holds the line and backing. As most fly lines are only 30 yards or 27 metres in length it is also necessary to have plenty of backing attached to the flyline. Many fish will be able to pull out more than the flyline when making a run.

Prior to casting the line it is necessary to strip the amount of line you wish to cast of the reel. The reel has no function in the casting itself.

Drag Once a fish is hooked many anglers play the fish using the reel. The reel will have a drag system that can be set so that if the fish makes a strong run it will let line out and so protect the delicate leader.
Care of your reel

As the reel will be used in mostly freshwater, rust and corrosion are less of a problem than for salt water reels. Sand and dirt can get into the mechanism however and so it is important to wash and oil the reel every so often.

One of the biggest problems for reels is when some sand or other debris gets into the reel and causes it to momentarily jam. Should this happen the likelihood of loosing a fish will be high.


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