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Pokaiwhenua Stream

The Pokaiwhenua is a small attractive river that offers around 20kms of fishable water for a good population of rainbow and brown trout. It provides anglers with the chance to fish for large fish that enter the river from the lake and many big fish are caught in the lower reaches each year.
Fish type Mostly rainbow trout in the upper reaches and a mixture of rainbow and brown trout in the lower reaches.
Situation The Pokaiwhenua rises in the hills near Tokoroa and flows north west to enter the eastern shoreline of the man made Lake Karapiro.

Access map

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Description The Pokaiwhenua is essentially two separate fisheries divided by a large waterfall that can be seen from the Arapuni - Putaruru road.

In the lower section downstream from the waterfall there are approximately 12 kms of fishable water. This section is an important spawning stream for fish from Lake Karapiro which it feeds into. Late in the season some big brown trout move into the river in preparation for spawning. This section is quite difficult to access in many parts as it flows through steeply sided gorges. The mouth of the river near the Horahora road is a popular and productive section to fish especially late in the season when fish will congregate in preparationof moving upstream to spawn.

Above the waterfall the river is quite different and flows over mostly open farmland. It flows over a gravel and pumice bed and tends to flow clear and clean. In this section fish are smaller and are resident fish (i.e. they do not run to the lake but stay in the river throughout the year).

Access Three roads cross the Pokaiwhenua.
The Horahora road near the mouth, the Arapuni- Putaruru road which crosses near the waterfall and the Old Taupo Road that crosses a few kilometers above the waterfall. Access can be gained where these roads cross the tiver. For most of the river it is necessary to ask permission from the landowners over whose properties the river flows. See the Pokaiwhenua Stream access map.
Methods The lower reaches respond well to all methods while the upper reaches (above the waterfall) is great dryfly / nymph water.
Recommended tackle If targeting the larger fish in the lower section a rod capable of handling big fish is recommended. Some fish are very large and do not like being hooked. Good strong tippet is highly recommended with rods capable of casting a 6 / 7 weight ideal.

The upper reaches are different and lighter tackle and rods are more likely to reward anglers as the water is clearer and there is not as much cover. Rods between 4 - 6 weight with lighter tippets work well.

Recommended lures

Dry flies: During the early summer beetle patterns and cicada patterns in late summer work well during the day. Otherwise try smaller patterns such as a Adams or Blue Dun or a Twilight Beauty during the change of light in the evening.

Nymphs: Small nymphs such as Hare and Copper, Pheasants Tail and Halfback patterns are all effective. A small Theo's Bomber can also excite the rainbows in the upper section.

Wet flies: Small wee-wets such as  a Greenwells Glory or March Brown fished across and down through the faster water can induce some very hard takes from these feisty fish. In the lower section a Wolly Bugger can also be effective and around the mouth of the stream at the lake, use bully patterns such as a Hamills Killer, Mrs Simpson or Kilwell pattern.

Spinners: Small bladed spinners such as veltics or mepps in the upper reaches with toby patterns and rapalas in the bigger lower section and around the mouth.

Tributaries There are no tributaries to the Pokaiwhenua that are of interest to the angler.
Applicable to Pokaiwhenua Stream
Region Auckland/Waikato regulations
Season Oct 1-Jun 30
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit 5
Size limit (cm) 30cm

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