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Waiomou Stream


The Waiomou Stream and its tributaries provides many kilometres of fishable water for a large population of both brown and rainbow trout in cold spring-fed water.
Fish type Both brown and rainbow trout averaging under 1 kg but with some larger fish also present. The numbers of fish are very good with there being a particularly high population of small fish around the half a kilogram size.
Situation The Waiomou Stream rises in the Kaimai and Mamaku ranges and flows north to join the Waihou River just upstream from State Highway 29.

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The upper reaches of the Waiomou Stream flows through native bush-land but once the stream emerges from the bush it flows over a shingle bed through mainly pastoral land. The banks are well defined and there is good bank side vegetation throughout its length. As well there is a large amount of river weed within the stream itself Consequently there is an abundance of food for the large population of trout it supports.

Some small sections of this stream are difficult to fish as it flows between steep banks but generally it flows though open farmland making it easy to fish. Much
of the river is wadable (though seldom actually necessary to do so).

Access There are several access points though always ask the landowner before crossing their land. The Tauranga-Matamata Road, the Tauranga-Hamilton Road (SH 29) and the Te Poi-Tapapa Road all cross the Waiomou Stream providing good access points. The Waiomou Road also provides good access to some excellent water. See the Waiomou Stream access map.
Methods All methods can be used on this stream though it provides excellent opportunities for the dry fly enthusiast. Those wishing to fish with a dry fly and nymph in tandem will effectively double their chances. Late season can see some large brown trout enter the stream in preparation to spawn. These fish will often respond to a large wet fly such as a Red Setter or a Hamills Killer fished across and downstream. Throughout the season, small wee-wets and small soft hackled flies can also be effective, especially in the evenings.
Recommended tackle As this is a small, generally very clear water, it is necessary to use as light equipment as is possible. Rods 8 1/2 to 9 feet with weight five lines and 12 foot plus leaders are recommended. Keep tippets fine (about 2kg).
Recommended lures

Dry flies: In the upper and middle reaches, the Waiomou offers superb dry fly fishing. Sedge / caddis patterns work well throughout the summer with beetle patterns working very well in early summer and cicada and cricket patterns from late summer to autumn.

Nymphs: Small lightly weighted nymphs in sizes 14 to 18 in patterns such as Hare and Copper, Halfback, and Pheasant Tail work well throughout the season. During the height of summer, unweighted midge patterns work well in early evening.

Wet flies:Hamill's Killer, Mrs Simpson or a small soft hackled wee-wet fly such as a March Brown spider in the middle and lower reaches fished across and down.

Spinners: Small bladed spinners such as Veltic or Mepps work well or try a black and gold Toby very late in the season.

Tributaries The Waiomou Stream has a number of tributaries which provide excellent fishing for those who enjoy fishing small waters for good stocks of small to medium size fish with light tackle. These include the Omahine Stream, the Rapurapu Stream, the Kakahu Stream and its small tributary the Tukutupere Stream.
Applicable to Waiomou River and tributaries
Region Auckland/Waikato regulations
Season Oct 1-Jun 30
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit 5
Size limit (cm) 30cm

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