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Lake Emma


Lake Emma is an exposed, remote high country lake that provides good fishing for both brown and rainbow trout.
Fish type Brown and rainbow trout present in low to  reasonable numbers averaging around 1.5 kg
Situation Lake Emma is situated some distance from the road though can be easily accessed by foot or by four-wheel-drive.
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Description Lake Emma is situated in a small valley with a large hill providing some shelter from the northwesterly wind. Areas of the shoreline have water vegetation such as bulrushes growing in the shallows and these areas provide good nymph fishing. In the deeper sections, a spinner or a streamer fly fished well below the surface can be effective. As there is generally some wind blowing, fish can be difficult to spot. When the weather is calm and sunny however, great care needs to be taken when casting to fish as the clear light in this are means that fly lines are very visible to the fish.

This is a delightful little lake to fish where the angler is unlikely to be crowded out with anyone else in the vicinity.

Access A track approximately 1 1/2 kilometres long and suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles leads to the lake from a well signposted gate leading off the Lake Clearwater Road. Much of the lake can be accessed by foot
Methods Both flyfishing and spinning work well.
Recommended tackle When flyfishing it is recommended that lines of weight six or above are used to overcome the wind that normally blows. As this lake often requires casting into a relatively strong wind, even heavier lines can be useful. Spinner rods capable of casting seven to 10 g lures are best.
Recommended lures

Dry flies: On windy days large well hackled flies such as Humpy, Coch-y Bondhu and Blow Fly with lighter smaller flies such as Dad's Favourite in still conditions.

Nymphs: Hare and Copper and Pheasant Tails tied in darker colours

Wet flies:
Streamer flies such as a Green or yellow Woolly Bugger and Mrs Simpson.

Spinners: Toby's, Rapalas, Mepps and Veltics

Tributaries Where the small tributary enters the lake can provide good fishing.
Applicable to Lake Emma
Region Central South Island regulations
Open season First Saturday in November to 30 April
Methods Artificial fly, spinner.
Fishing from an unanchored boat is prohibited in the lake.
Bag limit 2
Size limit (cm) No limit

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