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Fishing methods

When fishing in New Zealand, fly fishing is probably the most popular and productive method of fishing for trout. But there are plenty of opportunities for spin fishing, especially when targeting salmon.When fishing large still waters such as lakes, the preferred methods are trolling and harling, while jigging is a recent but highly successful innovation.
New Zealand's legal fishing methods
The permitted methods of fishing for trout and salmon vary depending on where in New Zealand you are fishing and are shown in the regulations.New Zealand's legal fishing methods include:

  • Fly fishing: Fishing with an artificial fly
  • Spinning: Fishing with any artificial lure other than an artificial fly
  • Trolling, harling and jigging when fishing from a boat
  • Bait fishing: Using live bait
Bait fishing
Where bait fishing is allowed you may use any of the following as bait:

  • Natural fly
  • Natural insect
  • Natural spider
  • Natural worm or worms
  • Natural crustacean
  • Natural fish (excluding fish ova, or any portion of a fish, or shellfish (mollusc)
  • Uncoloured bread dough

The equipment used in this method is similar to that used when spin fishing as this allows the bait to be cast out efficiently and easily.


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