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Lake Manuwai

Lake Manuwai is a man made reservoir and is smaller and more exposed lake than the Whau Valley Dam. It does provide good fishing throughout the year and can be excellent during the winter months. Around 500 fish are liberated as fingerlings into the lake each year by Fish and Game and these grow to around an average of 1 kg.
Fish type Rainbow trout
Situation Lake Manuwai is located a few kilometers north of Kerikeri and is New Zealand's most northern lake holding trout.

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Lake Manuwai was designed to provide irrigation water for farmers in the area and so can become quite low in late summer as water is taken during the warm dry months. Consequently it often fishes best when it is at or near capacity in the cooler winter months.

The winter months, while cooler, can also provide wonderful still days that make for great fishing conditions. Non motorised boats are legal on the lake which allows anglers access to all sections of this small water.

Fish numbers and size Approximately 500 fish are released into the lake each year that average around 0.75 - 1 kg when released
Access Access to the lake is via Sandys Road which leads of SH 10 a few kilometres north of Kerikeri. There is a good walking track around muchy of the eastern shoreline and the use of a non-motorised boat will allow access to the less accessible sections.
Methods Fly, spin fishing and bait are all legal.
Recommended tackle Light tackle is recommended. Fly rods in weights 4 - 6 and spin rods capable of casting 5 - 10 gram weights. During the summer the fish will be deep and so sinking lines or nymphs are the best method.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Hare and Copper, Pheasant Tail, Halfback, Caddis patterns such as the Horned Caddis, Black and Peacock, or a small San Juan Worm.

Dry flies: Flies that represent wind-blown terrestrials such as dragon flies. Daddy Long Legs and Coch-y-Bondu, Cicada patterns and Green Beetle in summer. Sam's Fancy and Damsel Fly.

Wet flies: Koura (freshwater crayfish) and bully imitation flies.

Night time: Black Phantom, Craig'sNight Time, Fuzzy Wuzzy, ScotchPoacher, Black Marabou, Hairy Dog or any black fly.

Day time: Hamill's' Killer, Mrs Simpson, Red Setter, Parson's Glory, Invicta, March Brown, Rabbit patterns, Muddler Minnow, Woolly Bugger.

Spinners: Black Toby, Veltic and mepps in green, black and red

Tributaries There are no tributaries
Applicable to Lake Manuwai
Region Northland region regulations
Season All year
Methods All methods. Fishing from a non-motorised boat is permitted.
Bag limit 3
Size limit (cm) 30 cm

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