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Where to fish in Otago

The Otago Region provides stunning brown trout fishing in world renown landscapes. From coastal rivers that meander through farmland to pristine mountain steams where large wary can be easily spotted in the clear water, the region offers fishing for every level. While the region is dominated by several large rivers, it is often the small tributaries that rise in the mountains that attract the most ardent anglers. The thrill of stalking and capturing a large brown trout for many anglers is the ultimate in the sport. For those who like fishing still waters there are also many lake, both large and small in the area which offer very good fishing when the conditions are right.

The region is primarily a brown trout fishery but there are areas where rainbow trout can be found as well as several rivers and lakes having good salmon fishing.

The Clutha River is the fastest flowing of any New Zealand river with a large population of brown and rainbow trout in the upper reaches. While offering excellent fishing, its sheer size can be daunting for inexperienced anglers.

Lake Wakatipu is a well-stocked deep glacial lake surrounded by soaring mountains and fed by a number of rivers that are important fisheries in their own right. The resort town of Queenstown is situated on the lake.

Lake Wanaka is special holiday destination close to the township of Wanaka. The lake offers challenging and unpredictable fishing for self–sustaining populations of salmon and trout. It is best fished by boat.

Lake Hawea is located in a very beautiful valley amidst mountains and some of the very best scenery in the Otago region. A good population of trout and salmon provides excellent fishing amongst the extensive aquatic weed beds.

Makarora River is easy to access and heavily fished. The strong-flowing upper reaches provide exciting, unpredictable angling in a beautiful pristine environment.

Taieri River is a large river that holds a good stock of brown trout throughout its length. It offers a wide diversity of terrain and waters that make it suitable for all angling methods and skill levels.

Lake Onslow is one of Otago’s best lake fisheries for brown trout offering excellent fishing for all skill levels and all methods.

Poolburn Dam is a quiet exposed water in Central Otago amidst some beautiful scenery. It's islands provide the habitat for a good population of brown trout. Spin and fly fishing are the best methods, though bait fishing with worms is popular with younger anglers.

Upper Manorburn Dam is a large, deep dam containing rainbow trout only and is a secluded spinning and fly fishing waterway with a good catch rate.


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