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Horomanga River


The Horomanga River is a relatively small river mainly known for the large fish that that enter from May to June which is the best time to fish. There is a good population of resident fish that make for excellent dry fly fishing and nymphing in the warmer months as well.

Fish type Some resident trout, small in the lower reaches and larger in the upper reaches are present in addition to the trout that enter the river during the spawning run.
Situation The Horomanga River rises in the Urewera National Park and flows north-west until its confluence with the Rangitaiki River just above Lake Aniwhenua.

Access map

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Upper and middle

The headwaters are lined with native bush while there are a few patches of scrub along the banks further downstream. Some deep stable pools in the upper and middle reaches hold a few good-sized resident fish which can be sight-fished.

Between April and June a spawning run of large fish enters the river from Lake Aniwhenua, and some late spawning fish are still there when the fishing season opens in October.


Upper reaches: From the south side of the Troutbeck Road bridge follow the gravel road upstream. A track then runs alongside the river and further upstream are two DOC huts where you can stay or camp overnight.

Middle reaches:
Access to the middle reaches is from the Troutbeck Road bridge.

See the Horomanga River access map.

Lower reaches

The lower reaches cross farm land  and are shingly and relatively unstable. Some small resident rainbow trout are present.


Access to the lower reaches of the Horomanga is from Galatea Road which crosses the bridge. See the Horomanga River access map.

Recommended lures

Small weighted nymphs such as Hare and Copper, Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear and Half Back. Also egg patterns such as Muppit and Globug especially late in the season when some fish may be moving upstream to spawn.

Dry flies:
Use Adams, Kakahi Queen, Caddis, Humpy, Royal Wulff throughout the day. During summer try cicada and cricket and hopper patterns and in late summer, lace fly  patterns.

Wetflies: Small wet flies such as Invicta, March Brown, Greenwell's Glory, Grouse and Claret and Mallard work well particularly in the evening when fish are taking emerger patterns just subsurface. When fishing deeper try Hamill's Killer, Mrs Simpson Woolly Bugger or Red Setter.

Spinners: Small bladed spinners such as Veltic or Mepps fished upstream and retrieved near the river bed just faster than the current.

Tributaries Mangawhero Stream
Applicable to Horomanga
Region Eastern region regulations
Season Oct 1-Jun 30
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit Trout: 2
Size limit (cm) None

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