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Where to fish

Eastern Rotorua region



Rotorua Lakes

Major fishing
lakes are...
And to a lesser extent ... Minor fishing lakes are...

Lake Rotorua

Lake Rotoiti

Lake Tarawera

Lake Okataina

Lake Rotoma

Lake Rerewhakaaitu

Lake Rotoehu

Lake Okareka

Lake Rotomahana

Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

Lake Okara

Lake Ngahewa

Lake Ngapouri

Lake Rotokakahi (the Green Lake) is privately owned and closed to fishing. It is tapu (sacred) and deserted - no person, European or Maori ventures upon it.

 Winter angling

Each autumn and spring (and summer at lake Tarawera) Fish & Game New Zealand release yearling rainbow trout from the Ngongotaha hatchery to local lakes. Many fish will return two or three years later to spawn at their point of liberation and therefore produce prime angling opportunities during the winter.

Other great fishing waters in the region include:

Lake Aniwhenua on the Rangitaiki River

Lake Waikaremoana

The Ruakituri River

Children's fishing days

Children can learn to fly fish and catch a rainbow trout at the Ngongotaha Trout Hatchery on specified open days.

Other fishing waters of the region