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Lake Rerewhaikaaitu


Lake Rerewhakaaitu provides excellent shoreline fishing for a large stock of rainbow trout which can be seen cruising the long shoreline.

Fish type Rainbow trout
Situation Lake Rerewhakaaitu is unlike most other lakes in the Rotorua district in that it is surrounded by mostly flatland. Consequently, it can be badly affected by wind, making angling very difficult at times.

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Description Lake Rerewhakaaitu is a relatively shallow lake and has extensive weed beds around the shoreline. As it is situated on flatland, wind can be a problem at times. Many anglers do like this lake however as it is easy to wade and fish can be spotted as they cruise the shoreline. The lake does hold good numbers of fish and the excellent food source in the lake means that they are aggressive and hard fighting. When fishing this lake polarised sunglasses are essential to ensure that you can spot the fish before they spot you.
Fish numbers and size The lake holds good stocks of rainbow trout, mostly around the 1.5 kg mark. Much bigger fish are also present.
Access Access to Lake Rerewhakaaitu is via the Rerewhakaaitu Road which leads off State Highway 38 approximately 5 km from the junction with SH5. There is a good boat ramp at Homestead Arm.
Methods As this lake is very shallow, those wishing to fish from a boat are best to try harling or shallow trolling. As trout are often found in the shallow water around the shoreline many anglers prefer to stay on the shore or wade and cast to cruising fish that can be seen along the shoreline. Small nymphs, smelt patterns and dry flies work well
at different times of year.
Recommended tackle When trolling or harling, it is not necessary or possible to fish deep, consequently only minimum weight is required. When fishing from the shore use as light a line as  possible to avoid spooking the fish which more often than not are very close to the shore. Fly rods around 6 weight are usually sufficient though in a strong wind it may
be necessary to use a heavier rod.
Recommended lures

Use small lightly weighted nymphs such as Hare and Copper, Pheasants Tail and Halfbacks in sizes 14 to 16

Dry flies:
As terrestrial insects are blown onto the lake try using Beetle patterns in early summer (Nov - Dec), and Cicadas, Blowflies and Wasp patterns in mid to late summer (Jan - early March).

Wet flies / Streamers:
Hamill's Killer, was designed  as a killer fly when fishing Lake Rerewhakaaitu. Also try any smelt patterns such as Grey Ghost, Parsons' Glory, green Rabbit, or a small Woolly Bugger, Red Setter, or Dorothy fly.

Spinners: Small spinners such as Tobys, Tasmanian Devils, Tokoroa Chickens and Glimmies or any spinner that imitates a small fish such as a bully or smelt.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note but do explore the water around any incoming stream, regardless of size, especially in the mornings or late evenings.
Regulations (1)
Applicable to Lake Rerewhakaaitu
Region Eastern region regulations
Season All year
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit Trout: 8
Size limit (cm) 350 mm minimum
Regulations (2)
Applicable to All springs, streams and their tributaries which flow into or from Lake Rerewhakaaitu.
Region Eastern region regulations
Season Closed
Methods None
Bag limit 0
Size limit (cm) N/A

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