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Lake Kaitawa


Lake Kaitawa is a small shallow lake that holds a very impressive number of large brown and rainbow trout.

Fish type, number and
Brown and rainbow trout averaging around 1.5 - 2 kg in good numbers some of which reach trophy sizes.
Situation Lake Kaitawa is situated just southeast of Lake Waikaremoana.

Access map

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Description Lake Kaitawa is a small relatively shallow hydro lake with limited shoreline access for the angler. It is however an ideal water to fish from a small dinghy. (Note that no motorised boats are allowed on this lake). Most fish on the Lake wild though it is regularly stocked with hatchery rainbow trout to ensure the fish population is kept at a good level. With its plentiful food source within the lake and  ideal water temperature, the fish grow very large quickly and provides the angler with an  opportunity to hook into a fish of trophy sized proportions (i.e. over 4.5 kg or 10 lbs).
Access There is road access to the lake past the power station and across a bridge though to reach the opposite shoreline requires some walking. There are no boat ramps but it is relatively easy to launch a small row boat onto the lake. See Lake Kaitawa access map.
Methods During the day fishing with a weighted nymph on a relatively long leader can be productive otherwise try fishing sunken lures.
Recommended tackle Rods of 9 feet in length and a weight six to seven line are ideal. There is opportunities for both floating and sinking lines on this lake.
Recommended lures

Hare and Copper with a bead head and Pheasant Tail in sizes 12 to 14

Dry flies:
This lake is not renowned as a dry fly water though during the summer it is worthwhile trying a cicada or cricket patterns during the day or a sedge pattern during the evening

Wet flies:
Large lure type wet flies such as a Woolly Bugger, Hamill's Killer, Mrs Simpson or a Red Setter work well at change of light when fished deep. At night fish very dark patterns such as a Black Marabou or a black Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note
Applicable to Lake Kaitawa
Region Eastern region regulations
Season 1 Oct – 30 April

Fly and spinner.

Fishing for trout from a motorised or anchored boat is prohibited.

Bag limit 8 fish of which only 2 may be brown trout
Size limit (cm) 350 mm

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