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Otamatea Stream

The Otamatea Stream is an important tributary of the Rangitaiki River and provides excellent fishing in crystal clear water for a good population of rainbow trout.

Fish type The Otamatea holds rainbow trout in reasonable numbers averaging just under 2 kg.
Situation The Otamatea Stream flows north west to join the Rangitaiki River in the southern section of the Kaingaroa Forest.

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The Otamatea Stream flows through well vegetated banks which can make casting a difficult in the number of places. It is extremely scenic and the water generally crystal clear. There is a good population of mostly rainbow trout averaging around 1 1/2 to 2 kg but with many much larger fish also present.

Due to the clear water the fish are generally easy to spot. The clear water means the fish can also spot the angler and so they are rather easily spooked. It is not a large river and any fish that are disturbed tend to flee upstream and spook other fish. A stealthy approach is needed.

Getting access to the river can be difficult in many places and anglers familiar with the river advise dropping into the river, and then as cautiously and as quietly as possible, wading upstream.

Access From the confluence with the Rangitaiki River the Eastern Boundary Road follows the Otamatea upstream for some distance. From the end of the road however, the only real access is from walking, though a road does cross the river near the headwaters.  See the upper Rangitaiki access map.
Methods The Otamatea is a wonderful dry fly fishery that the angler wishing to use nymphs will also find plenty of good sport.
Recommended tackle Because the river is so small and the water so clear, very light tackle is recommended. Rods capable of casting a weight four or five line and long leaders (12 foot or more) are recommended.
Recommended lures

Small un-weighted or very lightly weighted nymphs such as a Hare and Copper, Pheasant Tail and Half Back in sizes 14 to 16.

Dry flies:
Parachute Adams, Royal Wulff, beetle patterns (from mid-November through December) and cicada patterns from January through to March all work well. Also try hoppers and crane fly patterns during the warmer months.

Wet flies:
In the evenings, small wet flies, especially soft-hackled flies, can work very well when the drought arising to take insects just subsurface.

Applicable to Otamatea Stream
Region Eastern region regulations
Season Oct 1-Jun 30
Methods Artificial fly, spinner
Bag limit 2 trout
Size limit (cm) None

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