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Diamond Creek, Diamond Lake and Reid Lake


Diamond Lake Wildlife Management Reserve was established in 1981 to recognise the area's superb wildlife and fisheries values. The area offers a good and challenging variety of angling and is popular with both anglers and guided parties.

Fish type Brown and rainbow trout, chinook salmon
Situation Diamond Lake is nestled under the eastern flanks of Mt Alfred about 15km north of Glenorchy.

Diamond Creek runs from the southern corner of the lake and flows for about 2km before entering Reid Lake. From the outlet of Reid Lake, Diamond Creek flows for  another 4km where it joins Rees River.

The western shore of Diamond Lake is steep and bush-clad making it difficult to fish, however anglers can drift along this shore on a non-motorised boat. The lake has a few sloping shallow bays where brown trout can be found feeding. The lake is an important brown trout fishery with most fish weighing more than 1kg.


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Description Diamond Lake: In spring, nymph fishing can yield great results. On a calm day try using a small midge pupa imitation fished near the surface. Another successful method is to drop a dragon-fly nymph ahead of cruising browns then twitching it at the right moment. On warm summer days, try Coch-y-bondhu and Black Gnat. After dark a Mrs Simpson or Hamill's Killer are a winner. Retrieve them slowly with short pulls. Spin fishing works best on windy days. Gold or black hexagons, Jensen insects, mepps or zed spinners are good.

Diamond Creek: Diamond Creek is a stable stream with a strong flow and variety of water including undercut banks, riffles, deep runs and pools. Dense weed beds grow in the stream giving additional cover and adding to the food supply. Diamond creek mainly holds large brown trout, however a few rainbows have been caught on the occasion. Chinook salmon enter the stream throughout April and May.

Fly fishing is the best method for fishing Diamond Creek as weed growth tends to make spin fishing quite tricky. Dad's Favourite and Royal Wulff are popular lures. From November to December a brown beetle is worth a go as well as a Deer Hair Caddis.

Reid Lake: Reid Lake lies just south of Diamond Lake and is shallow and weedy, making spin fishing a difficult method. The lake does hold a good stock of brown trout however, and anglers often find success using Dragonfly and Damsel fly imitations.

Access Access to Diamond Lake is via Paradise Road, which is easily accessed by foot along the northern and eastern shores.

There is a sign-posted angler access point for Diamond Creek, which is on the right just before the Priory Road bridge when approaching from Glenorchy.

Methods Artificial fly or spinner
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Pheasant tail and midge imitations

Dry flies: Coch-y-bondhu, Black Gnat, Dad's Favourite, Royal Wulff

Wet flies: Mrs Simpson, Hamill's Killer

Spinners: Gold or black hexagons, Jensen insects, mepps, zed spinners

Applicable to Diamond Creek, Diamond Lake, Reid Lake
Region Otago regulations
Season Diamond Creek: 1 October - 31 May
Diamond Lake: All year
Reid Lake: All year
Methods Artificial fly or spinner
Bag limit Diamond Creek: 1
Diamond Lake: 2
Reid Lake: 1
Size limit (cm) None

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