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Teviot River


The Teviot is a small beautiful stream that holds a large number of small brown trout. In sections it is very difficult to fish though there is easy access to where it leaves Lake Onslow. There are two small streams called the Upper Teviot and Lower Teviot that feed Lake Onslow but these are of little interest to the angler.

Fish type Brown trout
Situation The Teviot drains Lake Onslow and flows over high steep country to enter the Clutha at Millers Flat.
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The Teviot is a swift flowing small stream flowing over a stone and rocky bed. The water can be peat stained making the spotting of the fish almost impossible. The fish are very free rising however and this is a great water to dry fly on warm days.

The banks are well vegetated with tussock grass and in the upper reaches just below the Lake Onslow dam there is easy access though the banks can be quite marshy in places.

With its large numbers of free rising fish this is a very good water to teach new anglers. But beware, the high altitude and flat land means this water is best fished in the warmer months and is subject to rapid weather changes.

Fish numbers and size

The Teviot holds large numbers of small brown trout up to about half a kilo. While there are bigger fish, these are rarer will be found in the best and often impossible to get to) lies.


The two most popular access routes are from Miller’s Flat and Roxburgh East, both off SH8. Both are good gravel roads but recommended for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Methods This is ideal dry fly and nymph water. There is also ample opportunity to fish small wet flies across the fast current. Spin fishing in the deeper sections also is productive.
Recommended tackle The Teviot is suited to very light fly fishing (8 - 9 foot rods with 3 -5 weight lines are best. As the water is generally quite shallow, a floating line will cover most situations. For those spin fishing very small lures are best.
Recommended lures

Nymphs: Small Hare’s Ear, Rough nymphs, midge pupa patterns and damsel fly nymphs.

Dry flies: Brown and green beetles, Royal Wulff, and Coch-y-Bondhu early in the season. Then later Cicada, Black Gnat and Peveril of the Peak.

Wet flies/streamers: Small wet flies such as spider patterns or wee-winged wet flies are best.

Black and Yellow Mepps, and Veltics.

Tributaries There are no tributaries of note
Applicable to The Teviot River
Region Otago
Season 1 Oct - 30 April
Methods Fly, spin and bait
Bag limit 4
Size limit (cm) None

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